Do you have lots of cute things displayed around your house? Not me, I don’t have any cute things. Ha, just kidding! I have way too many cute things!

Here are a few of my cute things. You know I love dragonflies, this one is made of purple iridescent glass. A hand-blown glass teddy bear that is as small as the eraser on a pencil. And then there is a cute bluebird…

All the cute things we keep take up our space, our time, and our energy. We have to worry about each and every item we own. 
We have to give it space in our home. We have to move into a larger home when we run out of space because we keep too many cute things. Which means you have to move all the cute things. Someone has to wrap them, pack them, move them, unpack them, and put them away. 

We have to clean them and clean around them. We might have to spend money to buy organizers to store all the cute stuff. So have you ever asked yourself what’s with all the cute stuff? 

Here’s my definition: CUTE = Can’t Use This Ever! 

Cute things are not usually all that functional. 

So, let’s limit the cute we keep and the cute we bring home. 

Just in case you are wondering, the tiny bluebird, the mini bear, and the glass dragonfly are all staying! 

The next time you find yourself in a store saying, “Isn’t that so cute!” You’ll hear me saying, “Can’t Use That Ever!” And maybe, just maybe, you’ll put it down and walk away…

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