Leftovers (not the food kind)

Last week we talked about C.U.T.E. things. Spoiler alert: I kept all mine. This week we have to discuss “leftovers.” 

These may be food leftovers which are now unusable, like the parsley I bought for a recipe then forgot to make the recipe and now I have sad, wilted parsley. Or they may be take-out food leftovers or other icky things that need to be tossed.

Sometimes leftovers come in other forms, like the leftovers at the bottom of your tote bag or handbag. This type of leftover is inspired by a conversation I just had with my friend Jane. You swap out bags and don’t exactly take everything out of the bag. Random piece of gum, loose change, odd receipt, crumpled tissue we are looking at you!

Leftovers can also happen when you are trying to organize. Picture this: you clean off a space only to be left with the “I don’t know what to do with this” stuff. Otherwise known as – you guessed it – leftovers. A random bolt, a weird piece of plastic that looks important, and other things you feel you need to keep but you’re not sure where to put them. 

You might even have a leftover task still sitting on you to-do list, like return an item to the store before it is too late.

Today let’s tackle a leftover! Ready? Let’s go! Leftovers be gone! 

And in case any of your leftovers are CUTE here is a reminder of my definition: CUTE = Can’t Use This Ever! 

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