Feeling Behind? Do This!

Have you ever gone to the grocery store with your list and checked off all the items in record time? That was me last night, I was on a roll!

  • I ate before I went shopping so I wasn’t tempted to buy every baked good I passed.
  • I had my shopping list AND my coupons!
  • I remembered by reusable bags instead of leaving them on the kitchen counter.

It was a wildly successful trip. I was feeling pretty proud of myself and really on top of things until I found myself in the check out lane surrounded by unsolicited advice.

To my left there was a stack of magazines telling me how I should have a more welcoming home and that I should already have my make-ahead sides in the freezer.

To my right there were shelves of magazines telling me I should have my 2017 resolutions ready and I should make a festive homemade centerpiece from items found in nature.


I went from feeling successful to an utter failure. Is everyone but me more prepared? Am I really that far behind? And is anyone really making a centerpiece from nature?

While I so think we can pick up some hints and tips from magazines I do not think they are meant to make us feel inferior or unsuccessful or hopeless.



You are doing a lot. You are more prepared than you might be giving yourself credit for. You have what it takes to manage the next few busy weeks!

Here are 3 ideas I hope will help simplify your holidays:

#1 Buy Extra Batteries

Toys, flameless candles, holiday décor, remotes, and so many other things require batteries. Be sure to stock up when you see a good sale (just remember where you put them.)



#2 Group Holiday Necessities

Do not put “need these for a holiday recipe” groceries away with all the other everyday foods. Shelving the French cut green beans with the canned veggies sounds right until you forget and make them for dinner on Wednesday night and need to replace them. Or you simply forget where you put them when you need them for the casserole.

Instead designate a single spot for all the holiday groceries.


#3 Gather Gift Wrapping Supplies

Wrapping gifts is so much easier when you have all the necessary supplies in one place. That includes non-gunked up sharp scissors. If you need to refresh your scissors try carefully cutting a folded sheet of aluminum foil. It should sharpen the blade while de-gunking them at the same time.

Then get your tape, bows, bags and tags together in one spot. Now you can wrap just like the professional wrappers do in the fancy stores. When you have what you need to get the job done it makes it much easier and saves you lots of time.

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