Fight Procrastination Day

Fight Procrastination Day
Make it a challenge inside of a chore!

Set a timer for 2 minutes now and tackle that lingering task that you’ve been dreading. When you turn a chore into a challenge it makes it a lot easier to do. You can use this challenge idea by taking on the task during a television commercial break.

3 More ideas to fight procrastination
  1. Set a deadline to make yourself do something. Like scheduling a charitable organization to pick up a bag of items, then you have to fill a bag.
  2. Set up a reward. Plan a sweet treat or a fun activity as a “reward” for getting the task done.
  3. Set up a team. Connect with a friend who is also trying to get things done. Schedule a date to make it happen. Call each other, then do the project, then check back in to share success.
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