Happy Birthday Wishes to my Younger Sister

Happy Birthday Wishes to my Younger Sister
I am sending Happy Birthday Wishes to my Younger Sister today, on her birthday! Are you the baker of cakes in your family? I am in our family.

My go-to cake recipe:
My aunt taught me how to upgrade any national brand, basic box mix by adding these ingredients. The cake ends up being dense but moist, the best part is – it is much easier to ice because it doesn’t crumble.

I don’t change the bake time or temp, but it makes more batter, so plan accordingly. Mix according to the directions on the back of the box. But also add in 1 extra egg, 1 cup each of all purpose flour, white granulated sugar, and sour cream. Optional, add 2 teaspoons of extract, vanilla or almond depending on the flavors you are using.

  1. Specialty pans you never used, or used once and won’t need again. At least you won’t need them until you donate them – but you can borrow them from someone if that happens. Check with your local library. Some lend cake pans!
  2. Attachments from old mixers you no longer own.
  3. Excessive quantities of mixing bowls, extra measuring cups and measuring spoons.
  4. The cake stand or cake carrier you never use. Of course as soon as you donate it, you’ll need to carry a cake somewhere.
  1. Warped or rusty baking pans that can’t be cleaned or used.
  2. Cracked wooden spoons that are bacteria magnets.
  3. Broken mixers.
  4. Measuring spoons and cups that are cracked.
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