How to organize digital photos

How to organize digital photos

Once you organize your digital photos, you’ll have the space in your phone, to capture memories this summer. And hopefully, you’ll feel like taking photos, because you won’t be overwhelmed by the thousands of disorganized photos on your devices. If you have been searching for the answer to: how to organize digital photos, then you are in the right place!

Digital clutter is clutter too!

If your phone give you the dreaded “low memory” warning, that is a sign you need to take action and delete or sync some photos today.

Here are your 5 action steps to organize digital photos:

Step 1- Plan for where and how you want to store your photos. For example, Google Photos or iPhotos.

Step 2- Consolidate the photos by pulling them from all the old devices, like out of service cell phones. Connect the phone to the computer and open the photos folder. Find old flash drives, memory cards, and CD’s.

Step 3- If the date and time was correct when the photo was taken then the photos will automatically load in chronological order. Correct any that are mis-labeled.

Step 4- Schedule time to sort a folder or two at a time. Delete any photos that are no needed.

Step 5- Ensure your photos are safe by backing them up. You might consider setting your phone to auto-sync mode so photos automatically back up on their own. I’ve used Picture Keeper which is easy to use, even if you don’t feel tech savvy. It is a plug-in, external hard drive, that recognizes and pulls pictures off your devices, like phone and computer. If you are tech-savvy you’d get the same benefit from an external hard drive. But you’d have to open and pull folders. Picture Keeper does all that for you. These are some of my other favorite photo organizing tools.

And most importantly, when it comes to organizing your photos, enjoy them! Share the memories. Text or email then to friends, spend time reminiscing and saying “remember when…” And be sure to create and capture new memories.

“Life is about making new memories, not just sorting and storing the old ones.” -Jamie Novak

Read this if you have Facebook.

You know all those really cool photos you posted in your timeline? Did you know when you are organizing your photos in your phone there is an easy way to get the photos? In the settings of your Facebook account, you can download a copy of all the photos in your timeline.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Settings (again)
  3. Click Your Facebook Info
  4. Click Download a Copy of My Info

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