How to organize the kitchen cabinets

How to organize the kitchen cabinets

Are you seeking an answer the age old question, how to organize the kitchen cabinets? If so, you are in the right place today. Organizing kitchen cabinets comes down to these steps.

Steps 1-3
  1. Pare down to only what you use – seriously, if you don’t use it then why keep it? How do you know if you use it or not – one clue is this: if you can write your name in the dust then most likely you can let it go. Consider just how many travel mugs one household needs. And please, please, please pare down your stash of food storage containers.

2. Share your unused items with someone else – someone out there wants to make green juice. I know you thought you wanted to make green juice, I know you think you should make green juice. I also know you won’t make green juice. Making the juice and owning a green juice maker are two very different activities.

3. Maximize the amount of usable space by adding organizers. Sometimes a clever organizing solution can transform wasted space into useable space. And we all need more space in our kitchen cabinets. I use this can rack, this spice organizer, the pot and pan organizer, this bake sheet organizer, and this food container organizer.

Steps 4-7

4. Keep only what fits in the space you have. This one can be tough one when it comes to how to organize the kitchen cabinets. It is when you might need to make some difficult decisions. Some items are not going to make the cut. Choose the best of the best. If you have to keep something that doesn’t fit, instead of overstuffing the cabinets, store it elsewhere. This is my BEST storage tip ever.

5. Store the more frequently used items in the easiest to reach spots. Go for ease of use, make it so simple to put things away, that it is easier to put it away- than it would be to just leave on the countertop.

6. Don’t bring home things you won’t use. That means resisting the urge to order that “gotta have it” item that looks amazing on the 3am infomercial. If you want to organize the kitchen cabinets this one is key.

7. Maintain the newly organized kitchen cabinets by implementing a new rule: if you bring something home, something has to go. Try filling the box the new item arrived in, with items you can let go of.

Remember this is not a one time event.

Sort and re-sort kitchen cabinets on a seasonal basis. For the warmer weather bring out the juice pitcher and the oversize salad bowl. During the colder months have the bread machine near the front of the cabinet.

Now that you got your kitchen cabinets in order, check out how to declutter the freezer.

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