How to organize food storage containers

How to organize food storage containers

I know sorting out the food storage containers is something we have talked about before when we have talked about how to organize your home. But we are revisiting it today for a few reasons.

  1. Since we last discussed it, I have accumulated even more AND I’ve rinsed out and saved a few “good” containers, like the one from sour cream. I made a sour cream cake and the the sour cream came in a really good tub, so good that I felt compelled to rinse it out and save it. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.
  2. Last time we talked about recycling the ones that should not longer be used, like the melted, peeling, warped ones, and the ones with no lids.
  3. We also talked about re-purposing some as drawer organizers and such. But we didn’t talk about a clever way to keep the good ones. Which brings me to the next point.
  4. When it comes to organizing your home, it can be helpful to set up a stockroom. This is the one place to store the excess. Extras that are in good condition that you see yourself needing to use soon. But in the meantime they are kept out of the way.

For example, you need a new food storage containers. You pick up a pack because the set is cheaper than just one. Now you have twenty when you only needed one. Don’t clutter up your cabinet with the whole set. Put one new one in your cabinet and put the rest in the stock room. Then as you need one, shop your back stock.

When you are organizing your food storage containers, remember, they also make good storage containers for organizing other things like jewelry, bandages, craft supplies, and more. Now that you know how to organize food storage containers check out how to organize your home.

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