How to organize my bags

Where do all the bags come from? I do not remember getting them all. As soon as I fill one with donations and give it away I seem to get a new one. They just keep appearing in my closet! If the same thing happens to you, and you are wondering, how do I organize my bags, then keep reading. First, any bag with a broken strap, too junky, cracked, torn, ripped, damaged, needs to go. If the bag has been sitting in your closet and still has candy, gum, tissues, and lip gloss needs to be emptied out. You’ll be able to date the contents by the random receipt.

Any bag that is still good, but not right for you, can be donated. Think: flimsy, not your favorite style or color. And if you just have too many share them today. The idea is to pare down to just the ones you reach for all the time. They are your favorite bags, they wash easily, they are not too big or too small, too short or too tall – they are just right! Keep those. Holding onto just the good quality favorites makes it a whole lot easier to organize your bags.

Yes, you can fill them with donations then drop them off or schedule a pick-up. Not sure where to share them? Check out this list of resources for where to donate your stuff. And going forward to keep your bag collection tidy, make it a rule: new bag in – old bag out!

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