How to organize photos

How to organize photos
how to organize photos

Are you ready to sort through those shoe boxes of photos? This is how to organize photos in three simple steps:

Step #1

Make some decisions: how you want to categorize them, maybe by date, by event, by person? To decide think about how you will reference them. How do you want to store them? Albums, boxes, or a combination?

Step #2

Once you know what you want to do with the photos it is time to sort through them. Expect it to take time and prepare for memories to come flooding back. This might take some time, enjoy the walk down memory lane. Set a timer for 10 minutes and challenge yourself to see how many you can sort before the buzzer rings. If you have more time and energy, reset the timer and go again.

Step #3

After sorting in small blocks of time be sure you store the photos in a safe place. The attic might be too hot and the photos can become brittle. Not in the sunlight because they fade. The garage makes them susceptible to pests. And the basement can be humid and photos can stick together.

Then enjoy the photos. Being able to flip through them is the whole point of keeping them in the first place.

Try This!
  1. Have mailing envelopes nearby so you can mail some photos to friends and family. Everyone loves getting fun mail.
  2. When you find a special photo, ensure you have a copy secured by snapping a photo of the photo.
  3. If you know who is in the photo or any other details, note them on the back of the back of the photo.
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