How to Organize Your Clothes Closet

You can create more space in your clothes closet today, without making any difficult choices or letting go of one article of clothing! How you ask? By getting rid of excess clothes hangers! It is the best way to organize your clothes closet.

how to organize your clothes closet

Organize your clothes closet by letting go of the empty hangers you don’t need. You can donate the hangers to the same organization where you donate the clothes. They need hangers to display the clothes. If you have wire, dry cleaning hangers some dry cleaners will take them back.

Consider recycling any cracked, broken, or flimsy hangers, no one wants those. Heavy-duty, slim, clothes hangers are the best option to create more space in your closet. Slim hangers take up less space. I love these classy white and rose gold hangers, all-of-a-same kind hanger gives your closet that boutique look! And a set of fun, new hangers can be just the motivation to organize your clothes closet.

How many hangers do you need?

You may have fewer things to hang in one season; then need more hangers in another season. Avoid the mistake of keeping extra hangers on the closet rod. They’ll take up valuable space. Instead, store extra hangers in a collapsible organizer.

A no stress way to decide how many clothes you need to keep is by deciding how many hangers you want to fit in your closet. Then choose the clothes to fill the hangers. When all the hangers are filled your clothes collection is complete. If you want to keep something else, then something has to go.

This is also a brilliant way to keep your clothes closet organized. When you bring a new item home let one item go. Organizing your clothes closet doesn’t have to be a big project that overwhelms you. Taking it one step at a time you can pare down to just the articles of clothing that you wear. You might be surprised how much space you reclaim by simply removing unused hangers. And that one task might be the jumpstart to sorting out the rest of the space.

You, yes, you can organize your clothes closet! If you have been waiting to learn how to declutter your clothes collection, starting with the hangers is a great first step.

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