How to organize your cleaning closet

How to organize your cleaning closet

Your cleaning tasks are a lot easier to complete, when you have tools that get the job done! Tools that are not in the best condition are frustrating to clean with and they waste your time. Today is the day to organize your cleaning closet. Scan your cleaning supplies and toss/recycle any that are beyond repair. Then replace any that need to be upgraded. Also take a moment to clean and disinfect the cleaning supplies. Your vacuum lasts longer and works more efficiently when the filter is clean.

If you have extra supplies that are still good, but you don’t need them any longer, consider donating them to a local pet shelter. When you are organizing your cleaning closet think of the volunteers that will appreciate them. And they’ll also like to get any of your extra laundry supplies you find when you are organizing your laundry room.

Are you wondering what you’ll find in my cleaning closet?

Well, first, you’ll find a big stack of microfiber towels in my cleaning closet, these are the best microfiber towels for cleaning. Hint: when washing the towels be sure to skip adding laundry softener. The softener can coat the fibers, which prevents them from being absorbent. If you have towels that are coated in softener, you can try reviving them, by adding some white vinegar to your laundry cycle (as long as adding vinegar to your washer is permitted) always check the directions.

Here’s what else you’ll find in my cleaning closet, a dust pan and broom, whisk set, and mop. And to hold them all, I pop them in slots on the wall mounted holder. It prevents damage to the tools and your wall and floor. Mops and brooms sitting on the floor can bend the fibers and bristles. Damp pads can leave a mark on the floor. And when the tip over, the handle can scuff the wall, as it falls to the floor.

Now you know how to organize your cleaning closet by tossing out the stuff you do not use or that no longer works. Happy cleaning!

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