Instant Bedroom Organizing

  • Welcome to the club if you have a treadmill that has turned into makeshift closet!
  • If you have a spare chair that has become a clutter catch-all then keep reading!
  • And if you have a pile of stuff in the corner of your bedroom then we are more similar than you might have previously imagined!

Have you ever read an article about how to create a bedroom sanctuary?

For years I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to create such a sanctuary. They always sound so relaxing and of course I’d like a retreat to retire to in the evening.

But I’ve struggled with finding the perfect paint color. I can’t seem to buy curtains I really like. I can’t decide if I want a modern style or a warmer look. And don’t get me started searching for an area rug.

I get overwhelmed when I flip through design magazines. Well to be honest I do more than flip though the magazines, I clip out WAY too many inspiration ideas from magazines.

I like all the other rooms in my home, but the bedroom is always a work in progress. Not only a work in progress but worse- the place where I stash stuff until I decide about it later.

In my bedroom you’ll find:

  1. A bag of donations I keep meaning to bring out to the car.
  2. A package of curtains I need to return.
  3. A stack of magazines I’ll never read sitting beside the bed.
  4. A clock that no longer runs, but I like it so much I keep hoping it will spontaneously start keeping time.
  5. A cute chair I planned to sit in to read a book, the day I bought it was the last day I was able to see the seat. It is now covered with clothing.

Sound familiar?

If you are following along with the 2017 Once-a-Week Organizing Calendar then you know we are spending February focusing on our bedroom.

Are ready to tackle the space?

Here are a three ideas that might work, I just tried them and so far I’ve been successful!

Idea #1 Instant Organizing

Pick one thing and do it! Seriously.

I put the donation bag in the trunk of my car – it took less than two minutes. I put the bag with the return in my everyday tote bag WITH the receipt. That took about two minutes. I bagged up the magazines and brought them to my next door neighbor who likes the same topics I do but don’t subscribe to the magazines – they are her problem now! That took closer to five minutes but the results looked great, walking back into the bedroom it was as if the room had a mini make-over.

Idea #2 Eliminate a Clutter Catch-all

When I removed my reading chair I could no longer drop clothes on it. Done!

Idea #3 Add a Pretty Organizer

My bedside table used to be a flat surface that collected clutter. It looked messy and things, like my pen, would roll off the table onto the floor. I added a pretty photograph organizing box to hold all the stuff.

Sometimes I’m more likely to use an organizing solution, like a box, when it is a pretty box!

Today try one small change to make your bedroom more restful and relaxing.

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