Check out this super simple way to de-clutter 1,378 items out of your home by this time next year! It all begins today with week one, when you “toss” just one item.

Then next week, the second week you “toss” two. The following week, week three, you “toss” three items and so on. These small, consistent, weekly steps add up to big change! 
Not sure where to begin? I’ve included suggested focus areas for each month.

And by “toss” I really mean toss, sell, share, shred, recycle, donate, trade-in, give it away, place it curbside or return borrowed items. The goal is to toss it out of your home.


You will:

-Develop a doable de-cluttering habit

-Stay on track with my accountability messages

-Find the once a week method fits your busy schedule

-Take the guesswork out of what to keep and what to toss

-Avoid the regret that can accompany tossing something you later need

Are you a saver or sentimentalist?

If you tend to hold onto things you’ll find great relief with this system. You’re gradually building your tossing muscle, regret free.

How will you know where to start?

Each week I suggest a specific area to de-clutter. You’re welcome to substitute an area of your own choosing. You are looking to toss expired, outdated, broken, or otherwise unusable items. Or to share gently used items you no longer use or love.

You’re busy; do you have the time for this?

Yes! On average you’ll need just 5-15 minutes per week. Remember this is just about identifying items to toss and then getting them out of your home.

This is your year to de-clutter your life!

Small, simple steps lead to success. The weeks will pass anyway and a few weeks from now you’ll wish you started today.

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