The One Thing Your Closet Needs

The One Thing Your Closet Needs






Sometimes an organizing idea is so simple you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. THIS is one of those ideas.

Add a “to donate” bag to the bottom of your closet!

Easy – right?

Any size bag will do, the key is to have the bag open and ready to fill.

If the bag isn’t ready to fill you’ll put the items down to put in the bag later. And later rarely happens. Better to just do it in the moment.

When you choose your clothes notice anything you skip over. Many times those skipped items are just not right for you. But they might be right for someone else – so you can drop them in the donate bag.

When the bag is full share it or donate it, done!

What are you skipping over and why?

  • A sweatshirt that has been so well worn it is threadbare?
  • A blouse you bought on sale (three years ago) and still haven’t worn?
  • A tank top that is too pilled to shave?
  • A pair of pants you liked but now they are not as flattering?
  • A t-shirt that is itchy, scratchy or otherwise uncomfortable?
  • A turtleneck that is too tight around the neck?
  • Not your color? Size? Fit? Style? Favorite?

Don’t Make Double Work for Yourself

If you put these items back into your closet or dresser drawer then you have to go back through them again later. Instead try deciding about them in the moment.

Make Tossing Regret Proof

And the bag will take a few weeks to fill. So if during that time you want something back it is there for you. It is a good way to prevent regret.

Take Action

So that’s it! Are you going to add a donate bag to your closet today?

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