International Mahjong Day

International Mahjong Day

International Mahjong Day is reminder to sort out your board game shelf, before the shelf gets so heavy it collapses.


Keep the games you have space to store. The ones you enjoy playing. The ones you’ve been wanting to try. And most importantly pencil in a game night on your calendar. That is the very best way to ensure you make time to play the games.


Today, let’s donate all those used board games. How many games are still wrapped in cellophane, maybe given to you as a wedding gift, and you’ve been married for 30 years. Or you own multiple versions of the same game.

On International Mahjong Day or any other day this is where to donate used puzzles:
  1. Family Shelters
  2. Schools
  3. Day Care Center
  4. Children’s Hospitals
  5. Churches/Houses of Worship
  6. Retirement Homes & Assisted Livings
  7. Youth Clubs
  8. Scouts
  9. Homeless Shelters
  10. YMCAs
  11. Local Library
  12. Share with a Neighbor
  13. Post on local “buy nothing” groups
What To Do With Missing Pieces

Do you have games missing pieces and you keep hoping they will “turn up” one day. Yes, you can sell games. But you can also sell parts and pieces. Crafty people make art with “missing” board game pieces. Try listing them on Etsy. Or give them away on a local buy nothing group, your piece might complete someone else’s set.

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