National Noodle Day

National Noodle Day
On National Noodle Day, I want to share this is the pasta strainer I grew up seeing my Mom use when making our pasta. I don’t use it today, but seeing it brings back memories of watching my Mom cook in the kitchen. The kitchen had white wallpaper with yellow daisy flowers. There was yellow trim and a Big Bird cookie jar, to coordinate with the yellow. And this avocado green plastic pasta strainer, which lives in my kitchen utensil drawer. Every time I open the drawer I see the strainer and memories come back.

Today, besides having some noodles to celebrate National Noodle Day, it is time to declutter the strainers. I’m keeping my green one and the two I use all the time. The broken one, the flimsy one, and the one that is so large it takes up cabinet space I need for other things. Good bye unused strainers, hello roomy cabinet space.
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