National Frappe Day

National Frappe Day

How do you feel about blended coffee drinks? Are you a fan or not so much? I’m a fan. When I make them at home I drizzle a design of caramel. And to be honest that might be my favorite part. So I rarely have leftover caramel sauce. But you might. On National Frappe Day let’s declutter a few unnecessary things from those kitchen cabinets. Ready? Let’s go!

  1. out of date or otherwise unusable caramel syrup (hint: in the future, before shelving potentially sticky jars and bottles, stick them into a foil muffin liner, any drips will be caught and you save yourself a lot of cleaning)
  2. extra coffee mugs (donate)
  3. excess travel mugs (donate)
  4. broken coffee or travel mugs (recycle)
  5. specialty straws that can not be cleaned
  6. straw cleaners that don’t work well
  7. countertop frappe drink makers if you never make frappes
  8. ice cube trays
  9. frothers
  10. crunchy toppings and other drink mixes or mix-ins

And now I really want a frappe – how about you?

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