When your closets and cabinets get out of control with the clutter here is a simple solution.

Finally, I got tired of trying to prevent an avalanche of food storage containers from toppling out of my kitchen cabinet.

So, I own clothing in a variety of sizes because things can change. Not all the pieces fit right now, but I want to keep them all.

When I needed a roll of tape; I bought a pack of six, shoved them in the drawer and now I can’t open my desk drawer.

If you have too much of something, but you *really* need to keep it all where can you store the excess?

What if you think like a boutique style store?

You know the ones with limited visible storage and a spot for the overflow.

In stores, you know how they keep some stock showing and they replenish from the storeroom. If you need a different size or color, they can reach under the cabinet to find what you need in the excess.

Now I keep the two food storage containers I use all the time in the easy to reach cabinet. I have the extras in a less convenient spot. I can reach them when I need them, but they are not in the way.

All the clothing that fits and is in season front and center in the clothes closet. The “one size up” and “one size down” stuff is in a basket on the floor of the closet. It is such a relief to be able to grab whatever I want from the closet and know it will fit. I also like knowing I don’t have to run out and buy something if
I need a different size or season.

What I did was to keep one roll of tape in the desk drawer. I put the other five rolls in a box with extra office supplies. As I need them, I can shop from home.

This idea works in just about every room of your home. Is there a spot that is overcrowded in your home? If so, might you be able to relocate some items to a less convenient spot?

It is a simple idea, but it can make your life so much easier! My question is: will you try it today?

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