Roly Poly Apple

Do you have a roly poly apple?  

This cute apple chimes when you tip him to the side. He’s vintage! From 1972 both my sister and I played with him when we were babies. 

He is well loved, his paint is chipping off and he lost some of his stem. But that doesn’t matter. When I see him I remember hearing him chime, I remember him sitting with all my other toys in a big frog toy chest, I remember helping my sister crawl to reach him. 

Which is why it is nearly impossible to let him go. 

He has moved with me from my parent’s home, to my apartment, to my condo, and now to my home. No one uses him, but every time I hear the chime I am transported back…

Although you may not have an apple that chimes, do you have something that you like as much? Even though we like it, we know it is not something we can use. The paint is coming off, he is dirty beyond being able to be cleaned properly, plus his plastic parts are brittle and can break off. NO child should chew on this apple. 

So what should we do? How about we give that special item one last hurrah! 

I took this little apple to visit my sister family. We took a photo with him. We shared stories. We made him chime. We made NEW memories to add to the old memories and that allowed us to let the apple go.

We keep the things as reminders of the memories. But maybe a photo or just making new memories will be enough to allow us to let the things go.  

Will this work with everything? No. But it might work with things you have have been struggling to release. 

  1. Put the bridesmaid dress on one more time and take a photo. No one cares if it doesn’t zip all the way up. Then donate it to a prom dress drive. 
  2. Play the children’s board game one more time. Then let it go to someone who has young kids. 
  3. What last hurrah moment can you make to create a new memory today?


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