Start Here When Organizing

  • Not sure where to begin?

  • Need to jump-start your organizing?

  • Feeling overwhelmed by clutter?

Start Here: with the take-out menus.

IMG_3837Admittedly this might sound like an odd idea, especially if you feel like your every space is cluttered! Take-out menus can feel like the least of your problems; but stick with me, I’ll explain.

I like the idea of starting with the take-out menu idea for 3 reasons:

Reason #1 It is a quick win!

Whenever I lack momentum to get an organizing project started I look for a mini jump-start.

When you can start and finish a project during the commercial break from a TV show you feel successful.

Plus you didn’t have to dedicate a whole day to get something done.

Reason #2 It is basically mistake proof.

If you accidentally recycle a menu and then regret it; you can stop in the restaurant and they will give you another one!

Reason #3 It is easy to determine Keep versus Toss.

Hopefully you are not too emotionally attached to your take-out menus. This means you can be quick and ruthless with your choices.

There is a good chance you accumulated more take-out menus than you need.

  • One from the restaurant that has gone out of business.
  • Two from restaurants you no longer frequent.
  • Three from the same restaurant.
  • Four from the restaurant you go to so often you memorized the menu.
  • Five from the restaurant you now order from online.

On the off chance you do not have a pile of take-out menus then choose something equally basic like expired coupons.

I hope paring down your take-out menus is just the win you need for today! Go You! You can do this!

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