Don’t Miss The Sunset

I stopped to capture this gorgeous sunset on camera.

I stopped.

If I hadn’t stopped, I would have missed it.

Are you stopping?

There is a good chance that your clutter, your calendar, your life keeps you going – and going – and going. Which is a good thing. Unless you never stop.

Sometimes we need to stop!

  • Stop to look at a sunset.
  • Stop to take a leisurely walk.
  • Stop to simply enjoy the moment.

Otherwise we miss out. And I don’t want you to miss out.

Today where can you stop?

  • Can you stop pushing yourself to get more and more accomplished and instead congratulate yourself on what you did get done.
  • Can you stop being so hard on yourself and give yourself a break?
  • Can you stop saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘no’?
  • Can you stop driving the same route to and from work so you can experience something new?
  • Can you stop for an ice cream cone?

Or maybe:

  • Can you stop and look up at the clouds passing by overhead?
  • Can you stop long enough to notice what you see and hear around you?
  • Can you stop rushing?
  • Can you stop to really listen to the story the person next to you is telling you?
  • Can you stop to look at the sunset before it disappears below the horizon never to be seen exactly the same way again?

These are the moments. The moments that are lost unless we stop to enjoy and appreciate them.

I hope you’ll let me know what you stop for today!

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