The Stuff You Skip Over

Today I went to grab a pen from the pen cup on the kitchen counter.

I pushed the blue, non-refillable ballpoint to the side and reached for the other one.



Because the blue one has no ink.

How do I know this?

Because the last hundred times I’ve picked it up and tried to use it – well, it would not write.

But inexplicably I keep putting it back in the pen cup.

As if someone is going to come in while I’m sleeping to refill all my empty pens (which would be  awesome but I doubt it will ever happen.)

There is a reason we skip over certain items.

  • We skip over a pen that has no ink – even if it used to write without globing up
  • We skip over a turtleneck shirt because it is too tight around our neck and no amount of stretching it out of shape helps – even if we really like the design
  • We skip over a pair of shoes because they pinch our toes – even if they are super cute
  • We skip over a book on the bookshelf because someone suggested we read it when we know it is not our kind of book – even if it a good book
  • We skip over an eyeliner pencil because it is not easy to apply – even if it is a flattering shade
  • We skip over a tube of lipstick because it dries out our lips when we wear it – even if we love the color

See…there is always a reason we skip over an item.

And that skipping? Well it is a BIG clue.

A clue that the item does not work for us anymore.

Which means it is time to reconsider if we should continue to allow the item to take up space in our home.

Today as you catch yourself skipping over an item take an extra moment to consider why and ask yourself if you should let it go.

Someone else might like it. Or, like my non-refillable pen, it might be time to just toss it.

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