Take the Fill-a-Bag TODAY Challenge

Do you like a challenge?

If you said yes then today is your lucky day!

I’ve got a challenge made just for you.

Your mission: fill a bag with 10 items within 10 minutes by 10:00pm tonight!

Yep that’s right, today, we are simply going to fill-a-bag. Simple – right? Well almost that simple, you knew there would be a catch. You have to fill the bag AND get the bag out of your house.

Here’s how the challenge works:

Step 1 Find a bag

Don’t use the “good” shopping bags – the ones with the rope or ribbon handles. Grab a “good” shopping bag from any old store.

Step 2 Set a timer for 10 minutes

Any timer will do. Set it for 10 minutes after you have located your bag or you run the risk of spending your challenge time searching for a bag.

Step 3 Fill the bag with 10 items

Want to add more than 10? Go for it! But the goal to win your challenge is 10 minutes.

Wondering what goes in the bag? That’s up to you:

  • If you have lots of recycling hanging around you can make a bag for recycling.
  • Have lots of trash to toss? Make a bag of trash.
  • Ready to donate some stuff? Fill the bag with items to give away.
  • Want to share some stuff? Put items in the bag to pass along to a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker.
  • Heading to a mobile shredding event in town? Make a bag of paperwork to be shred.

The choice is yours! You can not do this wrong – just fill a bag.

NOTE: Do not waste your 10 minute challenge time trying to pick a category. Just fill a bag.

Then get the bag out of your house or at the very least place to near to the front door where you can walk by it for the rest of the week until you finally take it out to your car.

That’s the challenge – simple – right?

Sure, sometimes I send you tiny tips, helpful hints, storage solutions, and more. But today we simply have to take action and what better way to get things done than with a challenge.

Ready! Set! Hit “START” on that timer.

And if you want hit reply to this email and let you know what you tossed! I always enjoy hearing your success stories!

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