Follow Up Day

Happy Follow Up Day!

Did you know there is a nutty fudge day, a chicken dance day, and a jumping frog day – so I declare today is Follow Up Day!

Now…how should we celebrate?

I vote for chocolate – of course. But also, how about we actually follow up on something?

I don’t know about you but I have a list of things that I keep meaning to follow up about.

Spoiler alert: none of it is vey exciting. But the longer I wait – the worse I feel.

  • I need to follow up with my sister about a birthday party date for her youngest.
  • I need to follow up with my agent about a media inquiry.
  • I need to follow up with the mechanic about my back window making a really odd squeaky noise.
  • I need to follow up with my credit card company about a credit I’ve been expecting.
  • I need to follow up with an online retailer to find out where my box was sent because I have not received it.

These are just the few I can remember off the top of my head. Check back with me about two in the morning when I’ll wake up – then I’ll be running the rest of the list through my head – and I won’t be able to fall back asleep.

I KNOW I will feel better once I follow up on at least one of these items.

So have I talked you into joining me yet?

What will you follow up on today?

Stuck for an idea? If you tried out the Fill-a-Bag TODAY Challenge from last week then you might have something to follow up on. You might need to schedule that donation pick up or you might have a bag of donations hiding in the trunk of your car – today you can follow up and drop them off.

Let’s get this done and celebrate the right way! I can’t wait to hear what you follow up on today…

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