How to organize your kitchen counter

Want to take a guess as to what has been sitting on my kitchen counter for the last ten days? 

Novelty sunglasses with fireworks around the frames. 

Yep…that’s right! For ten days (since the July 4th parade) I have been moving these sunglasses from the left side to the right side then back to the left side of my kitchen counter top. 

They were a fun little handout at the parade. Fun for a moment. Now I’m over it! Yet, I’m conflicted. I have SO MANY questions:

  • Save them for next year?
  • Sure why not, I could use them again.
  • But will I remember I have them?
  • No, probably not. 
  • Know where to find them?
  • Not likely. 
  • Still want to use them?
  • Possibly. 
  • Will they break in the storage box?
  • Probably!

To keep or not to keep, that is the question. And because I have no answer I keep moving the firework sunglasses from one end of my counter top to the other. 

So, today you may be interested to know I organized my kitchen counter by (finally) tossing the glasses. And by tossing I mean I added them to the bag of random things to give away. This bag sits on the floor of my hall closet. And once full I drop it off to a local charity. 

I’m was doing the ” I de-cluttered my kitchen counter” dance. I finally had my kitchen counter top back! Well, that’s not exactly true. By the time I came back from dropping the glasses into the bag in the hall someone had dropped a kazoo on my counter. Yes, that’s right, it was a kazoo parade! And so now I have so many more questions.

  • Save it for next year?
  • Sure why not, I could use them again…

Well the clear kitchen counter was good while it lasted.

Today will you join me in:
A. Letting go of some leftovers from July 4th or
B. Setting up a to-donate bag in the closet or
C. Clearing off all or part of a flat surface like a kitchen counter top

Multiple choice, no wrong answer, just pick one and get it done! And in case food storage containers rain out of your cabinet every time you open the door, check out how to organize your food storage containers.

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