Where Can I Donate Sports Equipment Near Me

Where Can I Donate Sports Equipment Near Me

Do you have sporting equipment collecting dust in a closet, the garage, or basement? Things like: cleats, gloves, balls, clubs, bats, sticks, footwear, nets, racquets, gloves, protective equipment. This is the answer to the question, “where can I donate sports equipment near me?”

Donating your unused pieces of sporting equipment means that someone who might not be able to participate in sports can join the sports team; all because you donated your unused pieces. Yes, you can also try to sell them. Here are some ideas to get them to someone who can use them.

Good Idea

Don’t forget to donate whistles! A coach can use them and bonus: you won’t have to hear them being used. Don’t donate all the whistles, pop one into your Emergency Kit. They are helpful for getting attention in an emergency situation.

Places to Donate Sports Equipment
  1. levelingtheplayingfield.org
  2. pickupplease.org
  3. letsplayitforward.org
  4. bikesfortheworld.org
  5. oneworldrunning.com
  6. peacepassers.org
Sell Sports Equipment

You can try to sell sports equipment online through playitagainsports.com or Facebook Marketplace.

Great Job!

Now you know where can I donate sports equipment near me. Hopefully these suggestions will be useful.

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