Where to donate used bicycles near me

Where to donate used bicycles near me

Do you have an unused bicycle in storage? Maybe spare bike parts? Or a broken bicycle that just needs a little attention? This is the answer to the question, where to donate used bicycles near me?

If you are holding onto a bicycle thinking you are going to cycle to work one day, I have bad news for you. Bikes don’t age well. The rubber rots, the brakes fade, chains can rust, and the tires go flat. Instead of letting your unused bikes continue to collect dust, this is where to donate a bike today. Letting someone else have it. Let someone fix the broken ones, use your spare parts, or ride the one you never use.

Donate Bicycles Near Me

For the bikes you are not using, you can schedule a pick up with Vietnam Veterans of America through pickupplease.org. And if you happen to be in the tri-state area you have another organization to consider, Pedals for Progress or p4p.org.

Bicycle Storage

For the bikes you are keeping, this bike rack with additional sports equipment storage, is a great option. It prevents the bikes from tipping over and scratching you car. In addition to bikes, this storage shelf gives you space to store holiday décor and all the other stuff that ends up in the garage.

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