Where to Donate Used Puzzles

Today, let’s donate all those used puzzles. The ones you spent the past 18 months struggling to put together. And the ones still in shrink wrapped boxes waiting to be opened. And the ones you assembled once and won’t attempt again.

This is where to donate used puzzles:
  1. Family Shelters
  2. Schools
  3. Day Care Center
  4. Children’s Hospitals
  5. Churches/Houses of Worship
  6. Retirement Homes & Assisted Livings
  7. Youth Clubs
  8. Scouts
  9. Homeless Shelters
  10. YMCAs
  11. Local Library
  12. Share with a Neighbor
  13. Post on local “buy nothing” groups
What To Do With Missing Pieces

What if you have puzzle pieces without a puzzle? Yes, you can donate single pieces. Many crafters and artists use puzzle pieces in their work. Instead of breaking apart a new puzzle with all the pieces, they’re rather use your spare pieces.

Try My Mom’s Trick

To keep pieces matched up, use my Mom’s trick. When we first opened a box, she would flip all the pieces upside down and add an identifying mark. A letter or number or symbol. That way, if a piece was found, you would know which puzzle it belonged to. I inherited a lot of my organizing tricks from my Mom.

Organize Puzzles

For the ones you are going to keep try these storage options. Store in process puzzles in a clever organizer. Or on this mat. If you prefer to work on an angle try this easel. Store puzzle boxes on a hanging shelf organizer. Or take them out of the box and store the pieces in a plastic bin. Be sure to keep the image so you know what you are building.

Great job on a quick win.

Now you know where to donate used puzzles

where to donate used puzzles
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