How to organize party supplies

How to organize party supplies

Let’s clear the clutter, this is how to organize party supplies. We can begin with leftover paper plates from today’s celebration. Paper goods do not last forever and they take up valuable storage space. Use up leftover paper goods, even if that means using a birthday party themed paper plate when it is not your birthday.

Organize your party supplies by storing them all in a single location. That way you’ll know what you have and where to find it. I call it, “party in a box!” I have banners, streamers, and the tape the hang them. I also stash the extra goodie bags, centerpieces, top hats, blowers, tiaras, disco lights, karaoke machine, and more. If you have space in your cleaning closet to store your box, you might keep it there, or another nearby closet of storage area.

My party-in-a-box is where I keep bulk sets of plastic cups and other partyware. No sense having special occasion plastic glasses taking up space in my kitchen every single day, when I only need them once in a awhile.

When organizing your party supplies this is what you can recycle/toss:
  • crumpled
  • torn
  • broken
  • ripped
  • cracked plastic
  • dirty and can’t be cleaned
This is what you can donate when you are organizing your party supplies:
  • too noisy
  • too many to use before they deteriorate
  • event specific and won’t celebrate it again
And storing things is not always best, this is what you should use up, when you are organizing your party supplies :

  • excess paper goods, like napkins, plates, and cups that are better used than stored for months to come

You’ll feel a whole lot better after you tidy up your party supplies. Knowing what you have and where to find it gives you peace of mind. Plus, you won’t rush around looking for things, or waste time and money rebuying things you own but can’t find. It can be frustrating setting up for a party and not having everything you need on hand. It all starts by organizing your party supplies today.

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