How to stop junk mail

how to stop junk mail
This is how to stop junk mail.
  1. Have you ever requested a catalog from a company, only to then find you’re receiving catalogs from other companies that you never asked for?
  2. Have you ever seen the warning on the front of a catalog that says, ‘if you don’t order it will be your last catalog’, only it’s never your last catalog, they just keep arriving in the mail?
  3. Have you ever wanted to get your name off the mailing lists, but it was too much effort to contact each company? Then try the free junk mail removal service through
New rule: all incoming mail goes in the mail holder. Process mail once a week.

Great news, you can stop junk mail, regret free. If you regret not getting the catalog delivered to your house, call them and they will gladly add you back to the list.

New rule: don’t bring catalogs inside if you don’t need to.

Don’t bring in any catalog if you find they are filled with the things you never knew you needed until you skimmed the catalog. If you can’t resist buying more clutter, then skip the temptation. You can always shop their online store. Concerned you’ll forget which places you like to shop from? Keep a running list of the companies you have ordered from, that way you’ll have confidence if you’ll be able to order again.

New rule: new catalog in the mail – old catalog into the recycling.

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