Recipes for Dinner Ideas

You know all those recipes and recipes for dinner ideas you clipped? The ones you keep telling yourself you’re going to make one day? We both know, if you haven’t made it by now, you probably never will. But I bet there are some great ideas in the stack, ideas you can try today. Let’s look for a new recipe to try. Mixing up your menu planning and adding a new “might become a go-to fav recipe” Today, recycle ten you will never make. Bonus points if you recycle even more. And locate a few to try for dinner or another meal. Try to avoid getting sidetracked by just reading all the delicious recipes. The idea is to sort.

Recipes for Dinner Ideas
Keep or Toss?

If you need some help deciding which ones go and which ones stay, try this:

  1. Recycle any that have unusual ingredients you never purchase
  2. Recycle any that are easily available to you elsewhere or that you can look up online
  3. Recycle any you have in multiple versions (like 7 chocolate chip cookie recipes)
  4. Recycle any that are in cookbooks you own (unless you prefer to donate the cookbook)
  5. Recycle any that don’t have color photos – unless you like to chance it and hope you make it correctly (although without a photo for comparison, you’d never know if it was wrong)
  6. Keep any that are your go-to favorites
  7. Keep any that have been passed down through the generation
  8. Keep any that you truly intend to prepare – if that’s the case, then add the ingredients to your shopping list
  9. Keep any that are for your favorite menu items from your favorite chain restaurant (or check to see if your favorite chain restaurant recipe is available on
Great job on a quick win.

Now you have some recipes for dinner ideas.

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