Buying baskets for organizing

buying baskets for organizing

Buying baskets for organizing seems like it would be the first step when it comes to getting organized. But you’d be wrong. Why? Well for starters, you might find you ones you bought and forgot about while you are doing the decluttering. Plus while you are working on sorting stuff they will only add to the clutter. And if you buy the wrong ones, you’ll be out the money unless you make the effort to return them.

So while buying baskets for organizing might sound like a logical first step, it really never is. But that’s not to say it isn’t the most fun part of getting organized, because it can be. Although I always suggest that you ‘shop at home’ first to see if you have what you need. If you truly need to them, there are a few things to consider before buying baskets for organizing.

Things to consider when buying baskets for organizing. Follow this checklist for success:
  1. Is it the right size?
  2. Is it the right material?
  3. Is if the right design?
  4. Is it easy to carry?
  5. Is it easy to access?
Is it the right size?

Measure the space where you plan to store the basket or container. Make sure the one you pick will fit, don’t forget to consider the height.

Also, will all your items fit inside? Remember, you’ll want to leave to to add more so don’t fill it to the top. Most of al check the dimensions, many containers slope in or taper towards the bottom. This means you lose valuable storage space. Look for baskets and containers that are straight from top to bottom.

Is it the right material?

If you plan to stack them the material need to be strong. If you plan to put delicate things inside you’ll want a firm sided container.

Where are you planning to store it? Indoors in a climate controlled room? In the garage or attic or basement? Will critters be a potential issue? Will it be hot, damp, or get very cold?

Is it the right design?

If you’ll leave the basket or container out in plain view you might prefer something that matches your décor.

Clear is always a popular choice, it makes it much easier to view the contents without opening it up. Although you might prefer to color code your storage containers. That way, at a glance, you can tell your fall decorations in the orange containers from the spring décor in the yellow.

Is it easy to carry?

Sometimes baskets or containers can be heavy before you even put the first item inside. Consider whether you’ll be able to maneuver it once it is full. If you plan to pack heavy items inside you might prefer a few smaller baskets.

And check the handles and latch. Does it secure? And are there helper handles to grab and carry?

Is it easy to access?

Some baskets and containers are easier to reach into than others. For example, if you are stowing clothes or shoes, you might prefer containers with drop fronts. That way you can reach in without having to unstack them.

These are all helpful tips to keep in mind when you are buying baskets for organizing. I talk more about my go-to baskets in my new book. If you don’t have a copy of Keep This Toss That I’d suggest picking one up today. You’ll find yourself highlighting pages and using it as an ongoing reference. Plus, it makes a great paperweight for the pile of papers you keep saying you’ll go through one day.

Now that you know about buying baskets for organizing check out how to organize food storage containers.

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