How to sell electronics

how to sell electronics

How many old, outdated, non-working electronic devices do you have shoved in drawers? De-junk your junk drawer today and make some money by selling those old tech pieces. If you are unsure about how to sell electronics I have a few ideas to get it done quickly and with very little effort. Ready? Let’s do this!

How to sell your electronics

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How to recycle your electronics

If they are truly junk, use to search for a local recycling option near you. Or you can call your town to check about household hazardous waste recycling options.

Before you let go of your old electronics collect all the accessories. Also pull the instruction manual and the product box, if you saved it. You won’t need to keep them, unless those pieces work for another device you still own.

And it is suggested to remove your personal information from the device before trading it in or selling it. Many times the shop will help you do this. Or you can call the 800 customer help line to ask how to do it. But if not, simply google the steps to wipe your data from the device. This is an important step when it comes to how to sell electronics.

New rule: when you upgrade to a new device get rid of the original. Unless you trade it in. Sometimes the trade-in option is available. Or unless you need the second device. But if you needed the upgrade and old electronic isn’t useful to you, then let it go. Why keep something you do not need? Especially if you can make money from it?

Be sure check your home office to see if there are any old electronics hiding in there. This is how to organize your home office.

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