How to organize a small closet

Before we get into how to organize a small closet – we need to pare down to only the items you are keeping – otherwise you are organizing clutter. Jumpstart the whole process by going for a quick win: scan the shelves of the closet and identify one item that you no longer need. Take it out of the closet and bag it up to donate or give to someone you know. Repeat the process to see if there are two or three more items that you are not using. The more you give away or get out of your house, the fewer things you’ll have to organize in the closet.

Small closets are particularly challenging because they have less room. But also because oftentimes they have sloped ceilings, deeper shelves, or narrow doorways.

Storing out of season items in zipper containers with clear windows is a great tip. The view through window let’s you easily see what’s inside the container, without opening it. Keep only what you are currently using in the easiest to reach spots of the closet.

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