How to Organize My Bags

how to organize my bags

Today is National Paper Bag Day. Do you love a good paper bag? I do. I especially like the ones with folded paper handles that I get from the boutique grocery store. But if I’m honest, I think I save way too many bags. My front hall closet door wouldn’t close without a good push and it was all due to the bag collection. So today, I’m sharing how I was able to, finally, organize my bags.

Follow these 3 Steps:
  1. Gather all the bags together
  2. Group the bags into categories (paper, canvas, etc.)
  3. Sort each grouping into KEEP, DONATE, TOSS

Having all the bags in one area makes it easier to go through them at one time. Once have have all the bags in sorted out, you can see just how many you have of one category. You might have through you only has one of two canvas bags. But you come to find out you have twelve.

Don’t Forget To Do This

Look inside the bags! You might find something you have been looking for, like a lipstick or loose change. And checking inside prevents you from putting the bag away with a piece of gum or something still left inside.

Don’t Do This

Don’t store away any bags that have holes or are otherwise unusable. If the strap it too long or the material is too flimsy, you won’t use it- so why keep it?

Yes, You Can Donate Them

Bag up the bags and donate them. Or fill them with the donations for pick up or drop-off. Check out where to donate items.

You Might Want These

A cube organizer.

A plastic grocery bag organizer.

A gift bag organizer.

Great Job!

If you were wondering, organize my bags, now you know the answer! Hopefully these suggestions will be useful.

Keep This, Toss That (the book)

Tips like, organize my bags, are in my new book, Keep This Toss That, pick up one today. If nothing else, it doubles as a great paperweight to hold down your pile of mail.

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